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You may have tried talking to family or friends. That's a good start, but problems sometimes remain. Psychologists are trained to listen and help you understand how to deal with difficulties. They can help you explore your alternatives and develop the skills you need to make life better.

Guidance and Skills for Living...

Dr. Hobson's expertise is the result of extensive training, years of experience, and a commitment to continuing education. He practices therapeutic methods based on the latest research to give clients the individual care they deserve.

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Day and early evening appointments are available. Our office is conveniently located in Hopkinsville, KY., at the Virginia Place professional building on 1910 S. Virginia Street, Suite 200.


Robert Hobson, Psy.D. has helped people in Hopkinsville and surrounding counties for over 26 years.

He has extensive experience addressing a variety of mental health issues including:

Anxiety / Depression / Stress
Anger Management

Family Issues
Post Traumatic Stress
Phobias / Panic
Child Behavior Problems
Autism Screenings
Academic Issues

Children, Adolescents,

Individual, and Family Therapy

Psychological Testing and Consultation


Contact us at info@psychologygroup.net





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